Skill Development Program

In contemporary times, besides having a superb degree or a designation one also needs to have an extraordinary personality and the right attitude. Let’s say, for example, a chance meeting with a foreign delegate or a business trip to a foreign land! In both cases if you are already equipped with the best communication skills and the right table manners, all you have to do is pack your bags. With changing times, the face of the corporate world is also changing, wherein the need-of-the-hour is to have state-of-the-art professionals who are agile enough to meet the growing demands of the industry such as work in teams and communicate effectively. These professionals, if trained in the right way properly, can gain amazing dexterity in dealing with various on-the-job situations. There is another segment of individuals who are at the bottom of the pyramid without skills unable to take up gainful employment. Inchara Foundation helps these young men and women by imparting the relevant and required skills.

Inchara Foundation engages aspiring youth and professionals in the following skilling domains:-

  1. Inchara Foundation believes and engages  breaking the ice among employees in the corporate field and  bridge  the skill gaps through innovative learning approaches
  2. Inchara Foundationconducts various Soft Skills and Life Skills modules for youth. This 50 hours module helps the candidates to acquire much needed self dependency skills
  3. Inchara Foundation provides training in tailoring to young girls, which would eventually help them in becoming dependent

Success story:

Inchara’s Inspiration of the Year

Pramita (name changed) was a sexually abused child whose father was an alcoholic with a brother and mother at home who were incapable to provide her a safe living condition. Hence she was referred to Inchara Foundation by Child Welfare Committee.

With planned intervention in place such as counseling (regular), Individual Care Plan, gradual changes were observed in her. With a 360 degree support system, the child (adolescent) started gaining trust in the support mechanism as a result she expressed her area of interest and participated in the Skill development training in Hospitality and tourism provided to her.

Presently she is an independent and confident girl working in the sector of hospitality and tourism in Murudeshwar earning Rs. 8000/- per month along with food and accommodation.

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