About Us

Inchara Foundation is a Mangalore based non-profit organization started by young professionals to provide a safe and healthy ecosystem for holistic care and protection for children, with the assistance of the existing or innovative mechanisms within the society, along with the involvement of direct and indirect stakeholders in the society.

As an NGO addressing the grave issue pertaining to Child Sexual Abuse (CSA), Inchara Foundation has expertise in providing awareness programmes, capacity building training, rehabilitation and care along with legal support. We also provide our services in strengthening the non-functional mechanisms at schools and community with the involvement of Corporates (CSR initiatives) and participation of community leaders in order to create model infrastructure for a safer childhood.

Inchara Foundation also encourages healthy living standards through its Health programs for children and other stakeholders within the community. Apart from all other services, Inchara Foundation is also specialized in conducting need-based assessments, designing training modules, undertaking research based studies and impact assessments and evaluations, proposal/grant making, content development and alignment services as per the NSDC guidelines, etc. pertaining to children and other stakeholders such as women; catering to private, government, non-profit and corporate sectors.

Our Vision

To create a society where our children live free from the fear of being abused, their rights are respected and protected.

Our Mission

To protect children in the age group from 0-18 from being abused.
To equip children, parents and teachers with prevention strategies and help to help themselves.
To provide care, support and rehabilitation to the survivors of abuse through institutional and therapeutic interventions.

Board of Trustees

Inchara Foundation is managed by a Board of Trustees comprising individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise. The Board of Trustees is the ultimate decision-making body in terms of organizational policy changes. The Board of Trustees meets once a year for the Governing Body Meeting to discuss key policy changes.

Advisory Board

Inchara Foundation strongly believes in impartial and objective input from an external body of members who would help in sound decision-making and staying true to the cause of our NGO. The board consists of independent members of eminence and reputation who provide non-binding strategic advice to the management of the foundation. The informal nature of the board gives greater flexibility in structure and helps us to maintain greater transparency as well as accountability.

Management Team

Inchara Foundation has experienced professionals on board as well as at the implementation level. The total combined experience of the Board and Management team is more than 200 years.

Preetham Rodrigues

Preetham Rodrigues, Director of Inchara Foundation, is a post graduate in Social Work and has more than 18 years of experience in the development sector and has been managing the organization activities successfully since 2014. He is the founder of Project Angel – an initiative for prevention of Child Sexual Abuse.

Vimarsha Jain

Vimarsha Jain, Consultant, is a postgraduate in Psychology with 10 years of professional experience as a counselling psychologist. She has a progressive history of dealing with children, adolescent and adults. Developing psychometric tools, modules and building therapeutic relationship to facilitate psychosocial well-being.

Shyna Bhattacharjee

Shyna Bhattacharjee, Manager – Research & Operations, is a postgraduate in Social Work from Christ University, Bangalore. She has 6 years of professional work experience in the development sector dealing with research, responsible business, and operations pertaining to woman and child welfare, labour laws and human rights.

Jestalaxmi Boloor

Jestalaxmi Boloor is a postgraduate in Counselling Psychology and is a group therapist and life skill expert with 12 years of experience working with issues related to human behavior. She has been a resource person working with students, teachers, parents and employees on various topics related to mental health and personal and professional growth. 

Athena Maria Aranha

Athena Maria Aranha is a postgraduate in Psychology with 3 years of experience in therapeutic counseling. She takes up individual counselling for children at Inchara Foundation. Her therapeutic practices include Cognitive therapy, Client centered therapy, Positive and Creative therapies. She has also published paper in International Journal of Indian Psychology.

Awards and Recognition

Project Angel -an initiative for prevention of child sexual abuse has been recognized as one of innovative projects by Deshpande Foundation as a part of their Sandbox Samvida Initiative.