Child Protection Policy

Inchara Foundation, along with its Board of trustees, advisory board members, management team and staff members, visitors, donors, volunteers and interns comes under the purview of the Child Protection Policy (CPP). All are required to read the policy carefully and adhere to the behavioural protocols prescribed in the CPP.


Inchara Foundation aims to create safe environment for children: both at the childcare institution and in other projects. It strives towards the respect, protection and empowerment of children by implementing child safety policy to all the stakeholders involved directly and indirectly.


Inchara Foundation is committed towards protection of child rights. In order to realize its mission, Inchara Foundation proactively implements child safe practices and protects children from harm, abuse, neglect and exploitation in any form.

Inchara Child Protection Policy

All the members of Inchara Foundation, i.e. trustees, members, staff, volunteers, children, committee members, third-party service providers, visitors and interns come under the purview of Child Protection Policy which is reviewed every year.

Purpose of Child Protection Policy

4.1 To provide a nurturing child friendly environment for holistic and positive development of children.
4.2 To protect children from harm, abuse, neglect and exploitation in any form.
4.3 To have standardized principles and behaviour protocols for all Inchara staff and volunteers with regard to care, safety and protection of children.

Legal Framework

5.1 Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015

5.2 The Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act, 2012

5.3 Child Labour Act (Amendment), 2006

5.4 Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006

5.5 Immoral Traffic Prevention Act, 1986